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Une image vaut mille mots et si en plus elle est animée… Voici une courte vidéo à ne pas rater. Elle explique très clairement pourquoi les lois sur la propriété intellectuelle et le droit d’auteur ne doivent pas être renforcées.

Tien ça me plait tellement que j’ai pris 5 minutes pour retranscrire le texte de la vidéo:

is one of my favorite bands.

I got busted
“Do you have a pass for that camera?”

It’s just for personal use.
“come with me”

the guy was a total asshole
He tried to take my camera.
I wouldn’t let him.
He got really pissed.
“You can’t just fuckin’ take what you want and walk outta here!”

He tried to detain me in a little corner by the bar.
I asked if he was putting me in Fine Line jail?
(The concert was at the Fine Line Music Cafe.)


Where phone cameras have replaced lighters.
Many camera phones take better video than my still camera

The genie is out of the bootle

Even the band’s web site has fan-recorded content.
that what fans do!

You may have noticed I’m not charging you for this crappy video.
That would be stupid
There is no economic motive.

The point is to capture and share fantastic fleeting moments

Isn’t this a kickass tune?
You should buy their new CD “Origin Vol.1”

I bought 3 of their CDs at the show.
And paid $18 for each ticket.
And bought the Fine Line’s overpriced shitty drinks.

If anyone’s losing money here, it ain’t the club or the band.

We can’t go backwards.
Why fight technology?
Why fight human nature?

This is my memory of a great show.

Thanks for letting me share it with you.

Via pointblog

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